La Comediè

Soil type:

Predominantly clay and tuff


by hand


around 0.8 hectares exposed to the west.. Manual harvest, Organic farming.

Vine training :


Average plant density:

Around 6,000 vines per hectare

Average vine age:

15 years


About 2,500 bottles


The grapes are partially destemmed and placed in 50 hl cement tanks where they remain for less than 24 hours. It is immediately drawn off, pressed and then transferred to a 35hl stainless steel tank. Here it carries out part of the spontaneous fermentation in contact with the skins, without temperature control. 2-3 punch downs per day are carried out as needed.
A small part of the must is preserved before fermentation, it will be used to restart the fermentation inside the bottle, thus obtaining a natural sparkling.
The wine is bottled in the spring in a waning moon and aged 6 months in bottle
We do not carry out any clarification and filtration or addition of sulfur dioxide.