We are young winemakers in Nizza Monferrato in the heart of the Asti hills; a UNESCO heritage site. We have finally fulfilled our dream of opening a farm and producing our wine. Starting in winter 2016/17, we took over a semi-abandoned farmhouse where the vineyards had not undergone intensive agriculture for years.
It was the perfect condition where we were able to undertake this project.

With the seasons, productivity and the link to the plants present on the hill of Tenuta Foresto for more than 60 years, have been restored.

Our vineyards are maintained completely by hand, and the grapes are selected and simply accompanied to the cellar without adding any additives.
In compliance with organic and sustainable agricultural practices, we only use copper and sulfur foliar sprays when needed to prevent vine diseases and molds.
We almost rely completely on the techniques of green manure that are largely inspired by the theories and practices of Fukuoka and Metodo Corino.

The cellar was born from the ashes of what was once the stable.
Completely restored now, the semi-underground and insulated cellar, follows the seasonal temperatures naturally without stressing the wine and preventing its natural evolution. Our company seeks a holistic approach in order to create an ecosystem that allows us to maintain a low anthropic impact.